About RandomHaus

What is RandomHaus?

This is a project that was originally inspired by the Random Grump project and I wanted to see if I could replicate it on a more modular scale that would allow for multiple channels to be served while still allowing random videos, playlists, and have the ability to generate random playlists given a set of filters. Please note that this site is currently being worked on, channels will be added over time, new features will be worked on and added.

How do the filters work?


Filtering by series is kind of a special case and that it is basically all of the videos to look at while creating the playlist. When creating the playlist it will use the videos in the selected playlist and then it will filter those videos.

Other Filters

These filters work based off of the tags that the videos have on YouTube but I do have to add the filter manually after finding some kind of pattern in the tags. If you have any recommendations please contact me (some of my contact information can be found below).

Filter Options

These are options that effect how the generated playlist is made. Mouse over each option to figure out how each option works.

What do the "Random Video" and "Random Playlist" buttons do?

Random Video

This will get a random video from that channel. The selected filters do not apply to the video returned (to get a single video with the selected filters you can set the "Playlist Size" option to 1).

Random Playlist

This will get a random playlist from that channel. The selected filters do not apply to the playlist returned.

The site broke again!

If something is broken or isn't working as it should please let me know. Also if you have any feature requests please feel free to suggest them.


I needed a project to work on and decided to focus on Rooster Teeth channels because over the years they have helped me through a lot.
Also, I really like Rooster Teeth.


This site is dedicated in memory of my good friend Blue (Kirstie). I owe so much to her. She encouraged me to finish this site and continue its development. She helped me through many rough areas in my life and without them, I would not be where I am today.